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broncolor broncolor Pulso L 3200 J

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  • The bidirectional communication between Satos and Pulso L offers unique operating convenience: All regularly required settings can be made directly on the lamp. Whether flash energy, color temperature, modeling light, Cognition light or test triggering – everything can be set either on the lamp, on the power pack or in the bronControl app. Time-consuming switching between the power pack and the lamp is a thing of the past. All settings can be made intuitively with an encoder on the lamp.
  • Modern and intuitive user interface developed with the support of user experience experts.
  • The Pulso L comes with energy-saving modelling light with a colour rendering index (CRI) of typically 97+, as well as flicker-free operation. A matrix of calibrated LEDs not only provides the best light quality, but is also maintenance-free. Of course, Pulso L can be used in both modes, in continuous light operation or as a modeling light* for flash photography. In the "continuous light" mode, a colour temperature of 2800 to 6800K can be selected.
  • The high-quality protective glass with metal guide ring can be easily removed. For the homogeneity of the light, the protective glass is provided with a matt surface coating.
  • *When used with Satos Power Packs Only


The Pulso L features bi-directional communication with Satos, allowing for easy and direct adjustments of flash energy, color temperature, modeling light, recognition light, and test triggering. It features energy- efficient LED modeling lights with a high CRI and flicker-free operation, and the quick-release broncolor bayonet mount that is compatible with a wide range of light modifiers. The flash tube can be precisely adjusted for fine-tuning the light within a modifier, and the unit also includes a color-coded recognition light feature for easy identification.


Flash Tube User Replaceable:
High Speed Sync Compatible:
Modeling Light Type:

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