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broncolor broncolor Satos 1600 1+1 Kit

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  • While broncolor power packs have always been impressive regarding light control, Satos offers a completely new dimension. With the new system, you have absolute control over your lighting setup at all times. This makes even the most complex projects controllable and reproducible – thanks to the unparalleled adjustability.
  • When it comes to power supply, Satos breaks new ground. A sophisticated interplay of specially developed slide-in batteries and power supplies* allows the configuration of the best energy composition for every application – whether in the studio or on-location. The Dual Power Management provides the required flash energy at exactly the right moment and forms the foundation for the flexibility of the system. One device for the studio and on-location.
  • Satos fully adapts to your way of working. This is made possible by a modern multi-touch display, physical buttons with excellent haptic feedback, a precise rotary/press controller, an app interface or a combination of these. You control Satos the way it feels most natural to you. The intuitive, deliberately minimalistic graphical user menu will be your new personal cockpit for your creative projects.
  • broncolor stands for much more than just high-end lighting technology for the most demanding users. For each new development, we consider compatibility with other broncolor devices, light shapers and accessories from the beginning. This way you can be sure that you can use your broncolor equipment productively over an extended period of time.
  • Kit Includes 1 Battery and 1 Satos Power Supply


Satos is the latest power pack that offers unparalleled control over your lighting setup. With features such as asymmetrical power distribution, color temperature control, bicolor modeling light, and high-speed sync, Satos allows for precise and customizable lighting for even the most complex projects. The dual energy management system ensures that the necessary power is provided at the right moment, whether in the studio or on-location. The user has ultimate control over Satos with a modern multi-touch display and a combination of physical buttons and dials for intuitive operation.


AC Input Voltage:
Battery Capacity (Wh):
90 Each (When Equipped)
Battery Type:
Li-Ion (Optional)
Flash Duration t0.1 at Max Power:
Normal Mode: 1/100s Speed Mode: 1/1600s
Flash Duration t0.1 at Min Power:
Normal Mode: 1/5150s Speed Mode: 1/8500s
Flashes Per Charge (Max Power):
480 (When Equipped with 2 Batteries)
High Speed Sync Compatible:
Power Control Increments in F-Stop, Manual Mode:
1/10 or Complete Stops
Power Range in F-stops:
Power Range in Js:
Product Weight (lb):
Wireless Frequency Band:

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