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Calibrite Calibrite ColorChecker Target Holder MINI to Standard Size (CCTHLD)

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  • Lightweight, adjustable holder to securely hold mini, standard and Passport-sized ColorChecker targets
  • Two ¼- 20 tripod-sized threads secure the holder in a variety of positions
  • Flat base allows the holder to be free-standing on a flat surface
  • Compact, sturdy design


This compact, sturdy, multi-size target holder is for any target sized 2.4 – 10.8 inches (60 – 275mm). It provides a secure way to hold your targets in place for any shot. The holder is fully adjustable with foam pads allowing you to hold ColorChecker mini, standard or Passport-sized charts safely and securely. Two ¼-20-inch screw threads allow securing the holder in different positions to keep your charts in shot, using articulating arms, flexible arms, ball head or other tripod thread style mounts.


Product Weight (lb):
1 Year
Product Height (in):
Product Length (in):
Product Width (in):

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