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Calibrite Display Pro HL (CCDIS3HL)

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  • The new standard in calibration devices capable of measuring up to 3,000 nits using advanced HL (high luminance) sensor for greater color accuracy for current and new display technologies
  • Accurately measures, calibrates and profiles LCD, mini-LED, OLED displays, and Apple XDR panels
  • Calibrite PROFILER software included, with fully customizable features such as White Point and Gamma, Profile Validation, Uniformity Check, and more for Mac and Windows OS and compatible with some 3rd party software packages
  • USB-C connection, (supplied with USB-A adapter) in smaller, fully recyclable packaging and includes a travel storage pouch
  • Recommended for highest quality still image editing and design applications; replacement for ColorChecker Display Pro, X-Rite i1 Display Pro


You care about your images, your designs, your content. It’s your creative vision, and we know you want to have complete confidence when sharing it with clients and customers; you want to be sure the files you edit are at their best. The brand-new HL sensor in the Calibrite Display Pro HL allows for more accurate calibration and color profiling of LCD, mini-LED, and OLED displays, including Apple XDR panels, and therefore more control over your images. Calibrite Display Pro HL is powered by new X-Rite technology and backed by decades of display and color science research. Using a newly developed HL measurement sensor, the Display Pro HL provides superior color accuracy and enables a greater luminance range, compatible with current and emerging display technologies. And when used with Calibrite PROFILER software, you can access completely customizable features such as White Point, Luminance, Contrast Ratio, and Gamma, which make the most of the new HL sensor. Made for photographers, designers, and content creators, the powerful combination of hardware and software in the Calibrite Pro HL brings your colors to life like never before. Features • Advanced HL (high luminance) sensor for greater color accuracy when using current and new display technologies with higher luminance measurements • Supported by Calibrite PROFILER software for calibrating and profiling all modern laptop, desktop displays, and projector technologies, including mini-LED and OLED • Broadcast Video Standards Support: NTSC, PAL SECAM, and ITU-R Rec.709 • Basic and Advanced modes for ease of use and ultimate customization • Infinite control: White Point, Luminance, Contrast Ratio, Gamma, and more • Larger patch sets and custom patches from your uploaded images • Quick Check, Validation, and Uniformity Check • Custom Preset creation and sharing for workgroup consistency • Multiple monitor profiling connected to the same computer • Flare Correct: measurement and compensation of display surface glare • Integrated ¼” thread for mounting on a tripod or light stand when profiling projectors or large displays • Achieves a 30% faster calibration with Calibrite PROFILER software than previous software (i1Profiler and ccProfiler) • Compatible with the Scanner profiling module - coming soon to Calibrite PROFILER


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