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Elinchrom Deflector Set for Rotolux Softboxes and Softlite Beauty Dish Reflectors

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  • Color Safe - Elinchrom manufactures all of their diffusers without the use of optical brighteners, ensuring brilliant, accurate color reproduction.
  • Clean Highlights - The Diffuser fabric is sewed to a black fabric frame to eliminate any mirroring effect that can be apparent when photographing reflective surfaces such as glass or metal.


The Elinchrom Deflector Set for Softlite Reflectors and Rotolux Softboxes is a convenient way to soften and tone the flash head output when using Softlite reflectors or Rotolux softboxes. Depending on the 5.5" (14cm) disc in use, the light will be cooled or warmed. In all cases it will be bounced and diffused. The set comes with silver, gold, translucent, and frost deflectors and 2 rods, one of which is used to affix the disc to the 7mm umbrella receptacle in the flash head.


Interior Color:
White, Silver, Gold, Translucent
Product Weight (kg):
Product Weight (lb):
Umbrella Shaft Diameter:

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