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Jupio NP-FV50 V2 850mAh Camcorder Battery for Sony

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  • Since 2006 Jupio has been an industry leader in after-market batteries, typically our batteries exceed the original manufactures specs and performance. Over 400 types of batteries are available, including many older model batteries.
  • Jupio is the industry leader in Australia, Spain, Netherlands and Sweden and are now available in the USA. Unlike most after-market batteries, Jupio tests each battery and we only publish the TRUE mAh for each battery type.
  • Our direct partnerships allow us to be first to market when new cameras are announced. In addition, we manufacture all of our tooling in house, so you can always be sure to have a perfect fit. Jupio is ISO 9901 and 14001 Certified.
  • Due to our constant turnover we have the capability to do weekly production runs, not only does this allow us to be very nimble but assures you that your battery is as fresh as can be. All Jupio batteries are 100% memory-free.
  • Jupio batteries have an extensive 3-YEAR no-nonsense Unconditional Warranty. We use recycled materials whenever possible to maintain a green footprint and only the very best cells available guarantee a minimum of 500 Charge/Discharge cycles.


Compatible with: Sony DCR-DVD103, DCR-DVD105, DCR-DVD105E, DCR-DVD106, DCR-DVD106E, DCR-DVD108, DCR-DVD108E, DCR-DVD109, DCR-DVD109E, DCR-DVD110E, DCR-DVD115E, DCR-DVD202E, DCR-DVD203, DCR-DVD203E, DCR-DVD205, DCR-DVD205E, DCR-DVD304E, DCR-DVD305, DCR-DVD305E, DCR-DVD306, DCR-DVD306E, DCR-DVD308, DCR-DVD308E, DCR-DVD310E, DCR-DVD403, DCR-DVD403E, DCR-DVD404E, DCR-DVD405, DCR-DVD405E, DCR-DVD406, DCR-DVD406E, DCR-DVD407E, DCR-DVD408, DCR-DVD408E, DCR-DVD410E, DCR-DVD450E, DCR-DVD505, DCR-DVD505E, DCR-DVD506, DCR-DVD506E, DCR-DVD508, DCR-DVD508E, DCR-DVD510E, DCR-DVD602, DCR-DVD602E, DCR-DVD605, DCR-DVD605E, DCR-DVD610, DCR-DVD650E, DCR-DVD653, DCR-DVD653E, DCR-DVD703, DCR-DVD703E, DCR-DVD705, DCR-DVD705E, DCR-DVD708, DCR-DVD708E, DCR-DVD710, DCR-DVD755, DCR-DVD755E, DCR-DVD803, DCR-DVD803E, DCR-DVD805, DCR-DVD805E, DCR-DVD808E, DCR-DVD810, DCR-DVD850E, DCR-DVD905, DCR-DVD905E, DCR-DVD908E, DCR-DVD910, DCR-DVD92, DCR-DVD92E, DCR-HC16, DCR-HC16E, DCR-HC17, DCR-HC17E, DCR-HC18, DCR-HC18E, DCR-HC19E, DCR-HC20, DCR-HC20E, DCR-HC21, DCR-HC21E, DCR-HC22E, DCR-HC23E, DCR-HC24E, DCR-HC26, DCR-HC26E, DCR-HC27, DCR-HC27E, DCR-HC28, DCR-HC28E, DCR-HC30, DCR-HC30E, DCR-HC30G, DCR-HC30L, DCR-HC30S, DCR-HC32, DCR-HC32E, DCR-HC33E, DCR-HC35E, DCR-HC36, DCR-HC36E, DCR-HC37, DCR-HC37E, DCR-HC38, DCR-HC38E, DCR-HC39E, DCR-HC40, DCR-HC40E, DCR-HC40S, DCR-HC40W, DCR-HC41, DCR-HC42, DCR-HC42E, DCR-HC43E, DCR-HC44E, DCR-HC45, DCR-HC45E, DCR-HC46, DCR-HC46E, DCR-HC47, DCR-HC47E, DCR-HC48, DCR-HC48E, DCR-HC51E, DCR-HC52, DCR-HC53E, DCR-HC62, DCR-HC62E, DCR-HC65, DCR-HC85, DCR-HC85E, DCR-HC94E, DCR-HC96, DCR-HC96E, DCR-30, DCR-SR100, DCR-SR100E, DCR-SR10D, DCR-SR15, DCR-SR15E, DCR-SR190E, DCR-SR200, DCR-SR200C, DCR-SR200E, DCR-SR20E, DCR-SR210E, DCR-SR220, DCR-SR220D, DCR-SR290E, DCR-SR300, DCR-SR300C, DCR-SR300E, DCR-SR30E, DCR-SR32E, DCR-SR33, DCR-SR33E, DCR-SR34, DCR-SR35E, DCR-SR36E, DCR-SR37E, DCR-SR38E, DCR-SR40, DCR-SR40E, DCR-SR42, DCR-SR42A, DCR-SR42E, DCR-SR45, DCR-SR47E, DCR-SR50, DCR-SR50E, DCR-SR52E, DCR-SR53, DCR-SR55E, DCR-SR57E, DCR-SR58, DCR-SR58E, DCR-SR60, DCR-SR60E, DCR-SR62, DCR-SR62E, DCR-SR65, DCR-SR68/R, DCR-SR68E, DCR-SR68S, DCR-SR70E, DCR-SR72E, DCR-SR73, DCR-SR75E, DCR-SR77E, DCR-SR78, DCR-SR78E, DCR-SR80, DCR-SR80E, DCR-SR82, DCR-SR82C, DCR-SR82E, DCR-SR85, DCR-SR87, DCR-SR88, DCR-SR90E, DCR-SX15, DCR-SX15E, DCR-SX20EK, DCR-SX30E, DCR-SX31E, DCR-SX33, DCR-SX33E, DCR-SX34, DCR-SX34E, DCR-SX41, DCR-SX43R, DCR-SX44, DCR-SX45, DCR-SX45B, DCR-SX45E, DCR-SX45EB, DCR-SX45EL, DCR-SX45ER, DCR-SX45L, DCR-SX45R, DCR-SX45S, DCR-SX50E, DCR-SX53, DCR-SX53E, DCR-SX63, DCR-SX65, DCR-SX65B, DCR-SX65E, DCR-SX65S, DCR-SX73, DCR-SX73E, DCR-SX83, DCR-SX85, DCR-SX85E, DCRSX85S, DCR-SX85S, HDE-SX43E, HDE-SX65E, HDR-CX100, HDR-CX100E, HDR-CX105E, HDR-CX105VE, HDR-CX106E, HDR-CX106VE, HDR-CX110, HDR-CX110/L, HDR-CX110/R, HDR-CX110B, HDR-CX115, HDR-CX115E, HDR-CX115VE, HDR-CX116, HDR-CX116E, HDR-CX116VE, HDR-CX11E, HDR-CX11VE, HDR-CX12, HDR-CX120, HDR-CX12E, HDR-CX130, HDR-CX130B, HDR-CX130E, HDR-CX130EB, HDR-CX130EL, HDR-CX130ER, HDR-CX130R, HDR-CX150, HDR-CX155, HDR-CX155E, HDR-CX155VE, HDR-CX160, HDR-CX160B, HDR-CX160E, HDR-CX170, HDR-CX180, HDR-CX180E, HDR-CX180EB, HDR-CX180EL, HDR-CX180ER, HDR-CX180ES, HDR-CX190E, HDR-CX200E, HDR-CX210E, HDR-CX220E , HDR-CX250E, HDR-CX260VE, HDR-CX260E, HDR-CX280E, HDR-CX300, HDR-CX300E, HDR-CX305, HDR-CX305E, HDR-CX305VE, HDR-CX330, HDR-CX350, HDR-CX350E, HDR-CX350V, HDR-CX350VE, HDR-CX360E, HDR-CX360V, HDR-CX360VE, HDR-CX370V, HDR-CX410VE, HDR-CX500, HDR-CX500V, HDR-CX505VE, HDR-CX520, HDR-CX520V, HDR-CX520VE, HDR-CX550, HDR-CX550E, HDR-CX550V, HDR-CX550VE, HDR-CX560V, HDR-CX560VE, HDR-CX570VE, HDR-CX6, HDR-CX690E, HDR-CX6EK, HDR-CX7, HDR-CX700E, HDR-CX700V, HDR-CX700VE, HDR-CX730E, HDR-CX740VE, HDR-CX7K/E, HDR-CX900E, HDR-HC3, HDR-HC3E, HDR-HC3HK1, HDR-HC5, HDR-HC5E, HDR-HC7, HDR-HC7E, HDR-HC9, HDR-HC9/E, HDR-HC9E, HDR-PJ10, HDR-PJ10E, HDR-PJ20, HDR-PJ200E, HDR-PJ220E, HDR-PJ260VE, HDR-PJ30E, HDR-PJ30V, HDR-PJ30VE, HDR-PJ40V, HDR-PJ420VE, HDR-PJ50, HDR-PJ50E, HDR-PJ50V, HDR-PJ50VE, HDR-PJ530E, HDR-PJ580VE, HDR-PJ650, HDR-PJ780, HDR-PJ810, HDR-SR10, HDR-SR10/E, HDR-SR10D, HDR-SR10E, HDR-SR11, HDR-SR11/E, HDR-SR11E, HDR-SR12, HDR-SR12/E, HDR-SR12E, HDR-SR5, HDR-SR5C, HDR-SR5E, HDR-SR7, HDR-SR7E, HDR-SR8, HDR-SR8E, HDR-SX-43L, HDR-SX43S, HDR-SX-65L, HDR-SX65R, HDR-TD10, HDR-TD10E, HDR-TG1, HDR-TG1/E, HDR-TG1E, HDR-TG3E, HDR-TG5V, HDR-UX10, HDR-UX19E, HDR-UX20, HDR-UX20/E, HDR-UX3E, HDR-UX5, HDR-UX5E, HDR-UX7, HDR-UX7E, HDR-UX9E, HDR-XR100, HDR-XR105E, HDR-XR106, HDR-XR106E, HDR-XR150, HDR-XR155E, HDR-XR160, HDR-XR160E, HDR-XR200VE, HDR-XR260VE, HDR-XR350, HDR-XR350E, HDR-XR350V, HDR-XR350VE, HDR-XR500V, HDR-XR500VE, HDR-XR5200VE, HDR-XR520V, HDR-XR550, HDR-XR550E, HDR-XR550V, HDR-XR550VE, NEX-VG10, NEX-VG10E. Jupio was founded in 2006. We offer an extensive range of power related products. We produce innovative batteries, chargers and accessories for camcorders, digital cameras, drones and more. Manufactured with top quality raw materials and using advanced technology, Jupio products deliver true enhanced performance and tremendous value for money. Our ability to be first to market and our no-nonsense 3-year warranty ensures you will always have the performance and peace of mind that you need.


3 Years
Includes Rechargeable Battery:
Number of Batteries:
Battery Chemistry:
Battery Included:
Battery Required:
Battery Type:
Product Weight (lb):
Product Weight (kg):
Product Height (in):
Product Length (in):
Product Width (in):
Product Height (cm):
Product Length (cm):
Product Width (cm):
Battery Charge Time:
JDC2010: 1 hour
Capacity - mAh:
Lithium Content (g):
Watt Hours:
Size (in):
1.77x1.22x0.79 IN


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