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NOVOFLEX Chest and Shoulder Support

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  • The PISTOCK-C is a multi-purpose chest or shoulder support system to provide stable holding of longer lenses and vibration free holding of cameras when shooting video.
  • Ideal for those times when tripods are either not practical or not allowed. Add a quick release adapter to allow quick switching of equipment.
  • Multi-purpose chest/shoulder camera support. Adjustable to fit comfortably against the body and to the type of shooting. Length: 11"- 9.5" Wt: 1 lb.
  • Weight: 450g (1 lbs.) Dimensions: 11.4x11.8 in (29x30 cm)
  • German engineered and manufactured


NOVOFLEX's Chestpod is a great way to lend support when shooting with long lenses in scenarios where monopods and tripods would be impractical or prohibited. It begins as a comfortable neckstrap, which articulates to a wide rubberized base that rests on your chest, usually just below your sternum. Attached to this base is an arm that ends with a swiveling plate which has a 1/4"-20 screw for attaching the tripod collar of the lens. Of course, with medium "fast" telephoto lenses such as an 85mm f/1.2 or f/1.4, 135mm f/2.0 or the like, you would attach the front of the Chestpod to the bottom of the camera. In this way, the shooter achieves a stable triangle of vibration-reducing assistance for those longer teles. Great for capturing sharp shots of scenes (such as popular tourist destinations) whose controllers have implemented anti-tripod rules in an attempt to sell their pictures. The Chestpod can be used upon its own, or in conjunction with a quick release adapter to speed up the attachment and detachment of the Chestpod and whatever you're attaching to it.


Limited 2-Year Warranty
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