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Saramonic C-XLR+ 3.5mm TRS Female to XLR Male Audio Adapter with Phantom Power to Plug-In-Power Converter

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  • Connects 3.5mm microphones, wireless receivers and audio sources to XLR inputs on professional cameras, audio recorders, mixers and more
  • Built-in converter turns 48V phantom power from the camera, mixer, or audio recorder into 3 to 5V plug-in-power making it compatible with passive and active microphones
  • Fully compatible with both locking and regular 3.5mm TRS male connectors
  • Tough and durable all-brass construction with gold-plated XLR and 3.5mm connectors
  • Works perfectly with the Saramonic Vmic Mini or CamMic on-camera mics, DK3, DK5 or M1 lavaliers, DK6 headset and similar mics from Rode, Sennheiser, Shure, Deity and more


The Saramonic C-XLR+ is a useful audio adapter that lets you easily connect microphones and audio sources that have 3.5mm male jacks into the XLR inputs on professional video and cinema cameras, audio recorders, mixers, and more. It's compatible with active, battery-powered microphones and passive microphones, such as the lavalier mics that come with wireless systems. If you engage phantom power on the camera or other device, a built-in converter in the C-XLR+ changes the current from +48-volts to the 3 to 5-volt current that plug-in-powered and some passive 3.5mm microphones require. This happens automatically. There are no controls on the C-XLR+ that need your attention.

Tough and Lightweight Lifesaver
You need dependable, solidly built equipment and the C-XLR+ delivers with tough, all-brass construction and premium gold-plated connectors and even is even threaded to conveniently secure locking connections. The input is fully compatible with both regular and locking 3.5mm connectors. Whether you need to connect a 3.5mm lavalier mic directly to a pro video camera, plug a headset microphone into a sound system, use a plug-in-powered mini-plug shotgun microphone with a field mixer, connect a wireless receiver like the Saramonic Blink 500 (B1/B2) into a cinema camera, or connect a 3.5mm line signal to an PA mixer, the C-XLR+ will make it happen. It is an invaluable problem solver to have in your audio kit and can even expand the use of your 3.5mm plug-in-powered, or lavalier microphones into your professional devices.


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