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Saramonic SR-BSP1C Aluminum Smartphone Holder for Tripods & Handgrips w/ Cold Shoe Accessory Mounting

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  • Easily mount smartphones to Tripods, Monopods, Handgrips and Stands for smartphone photo and video stabilization
  • Provides 3 metal 1/4" 20 thread mounts for tripod and additional accessory mounting and cold shoe mount for holding mics, lights, etc.
  • Compatible with even the largest Apple iPhones and Android smartphones with cases
  • Shoot in either cinematic landscape or vertical video portrait mode
  • Durable all-metal construction, yet still lightweight


The Saramonic SR-BSP1C is a smartphone clamp designed for tripods, monopods, stands and stabilizing handgrips that enables you to shoot more stabilized photos and video, and it also lets you attach essential accessories to your phone — like lights, microphones, wireless systems and more. The clamp can be confidently adjusted to fit smartphones up to 3.6” (9.1 cm) wide with a case, and it can be mounted to shoot cinematic horizontal landscape video, or vertical video for Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram and more.

Rugged and Well Equipped
The SR-BSP1C features an all-aluminum construction for ultimate reliability and durability, yet it’s still impressively lightweight. It features 3 metal 1/4" 20 tripod threads, so your rig can easily be mounted to a tripod, monopod, handgrip or elsewhere, and be used to mount additional accessories. A cold shoe mount is provided on the clamp to attach microphones, wireless receivers, LED lights and other vital accessories.

Stability and Versatility
Don’t let poor stability ruin the quality of your smartphone videos and photos. Shoot more stable and smoother video and photos with the SR-BSP1C, achieve more visually appealing angles, and improve the light and sound quality by attaching the accessories you need. This is an essential item for making smartphone photos and videos look like professionally produced content.


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