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Calibrite Calibrite Grafilite for Print Viewing and Evaluation (CALB151)

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  • Three color temperature settings: natural daylight (5,000°k), store light (4,000°k), home light (2,700°k)
  • Dimmer switch function: three brightness levels for each temperature
  • Professional quality illumination CRI: 95+
  • Includes neutral grey viewing mat 8x11 inch(A4), AC 100-240V – Universal plug for US, UK, EU, AU and CN


View prints and color swatches in standardized lighting conditions, day or night, with the Calibrite GrafiLite powered by professional quality CRI 95+ LED. This compact space-saving desk lamp with a neutral grey viewing mat is ideal for desktop color selection, assessment and matching. Used for: • Soft proofing – compare prints to the digital image on a calibrated computer screen for image retouching – select daylight illumination and set the dimmer function to correspond with your calibrated monitor’s brightness level. • Print assessment – bright daylight balanced 5,000°k illumination with 95+ CRI quality for checking proof against a reference swatch or final print. • Color reference selection – select color swatches or samples, considering them under a choice of three illumination temperatures. • Check the accuracy of product or fabric color matching under daylight 5,000°k and consider the effects under office/store light and home light conditions.


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1 Year
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